Between Shadow and Light  Sheet Music

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- Difficulty rankings for each piece.
- Performance and background notes for each piece written by the composer.

Included Pieces:
1. Rhyme or Reason
2. Surface Tension
3. Still In Love
4. Great Expectations
5. Nocturne (Between Shadow and Light)
6. Flights of Angels
7. The Hands of the Healer
8. The Long Goodbye
9. Finding My Own Secrets
10. Walk With Me
11. To Run Again
12. Hope
13. Moonrise
Between Shadow and Light - Songbook

This book contains note-for-note transcriptions of all 13 pieces from the award-winning album,
Between Shadow and Light.

These are accurate transcriptions of everything Neil played while recording this collection of solo piano pieces. The book also includes extensive reflections and performance nots for each piece, written by the composer.

Currently, we only have physical copies of the book available for purchase.
Contact Neil to order individual PDFs.


“Many songbooks get reviewed and then sit for a long time on my bookshelf, but this one has a permanent place right next to my piano and I have no doubt that it will become dog-eared over time from frequent use! The spacing is clear, roomy and easy to read. Important fingering, occasional pedaling suggestions, dynamics, metronome settings, and phrasing are all included in the notation, making this an excellent book for teaching advanced and advancing students. This is an excellent songbook from cover to cover and I give it my highest recommendation.”

-Kathy Parsons. MainlyPiano.com

"There is certainly great value in teaching the classical literature and I make sure to do that.  But music like yours gets the kids EXCITED about playing...and that's really what it's all about. So, while Mozart and Debussy have their place, it's the new composers like you who are breathing new life and excitement into the study of piano.  And as an educator, I'm very grateful for that!"

-Joyce, a piano teacher, Pennsylvania