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Horizon (CD)
Released: November, 1998
Produced by Neil Patton & Jeff Weinkauf

Neil's debut vocal album. Intelligent rock, with everything from piano-pop to prog rock anthems.

Listen Below:

1. Sparrow
2. Save a Melody
3. The Other Side
4. Remember Me
5. Heaven
6. Lift Your Voices High
7. Share It With You
8. Who Am I
9. Could It Be
10. We Are One
11. Threads
12. Cloud of Witnesses

About the CD:
Neil's debut release contains twelve original vocal tracks, spanning styles from Keith Green and Elton John all the way to Kansas, Journey and Rush. Some tracks are quiet, intimate reflections on the journeys we take through life. Some are loud and joyous celebrations of love while others shout passionately about the good and evil of the world we live in. Neil's lyrics evoke many emotions and look at what it means to live fully and face death without fear. Many songs here were inspired by the life and death of Neil's friend and mentor, Jeff Brock.

Additional performers:
Gerry Rempel (guitar), Adam Crateau (drums), Tim Yost (bass), Dan Robbins (guitar), Cathy Patton (flute), Amy Weinkauf (vocals), David Lindquist (guitar), EBF High & Fast Horns, and the First Baptist Prime Time Kids Choir

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