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Between Shadow and Light (CD)
Release Date: October 23, 2015
Produced by Neil Patton

Winner: Album of the Year, 2015 at MainlyPiano.com

Winner: 3rd Place, Solo Piano Album of the Year, 2015 at One World Music Radio

Nominated: Album of the Year, 2015 (Modern/Contemporary)

Nominated: Album of the Year, 2015 at Enlightened Piano Radio

Listen Below:

1. Rhyme or Reason
2. Surface Tension
3. Still In Love
4. Great Expectations
5. Nocturne (Between Shadow and Light)
6. Flights of Angels
7. The Hands of the Healer
8. The Long Goodbye
9. Finding My Own Secrets
10. Walk With Me
11. To Run Again
12. Hope
13. Moonrise

About the CD:
This collection of thirteen piano solos was composed to encourage and accompany those walking through various valleys of healing, providing hope in the midst of suffering. Yet again, Neil's "stories without words" bring listeners along on sonic journeys of both triumph and loss, joy and sorrow.

Performed on the same Yamaha C7 grand piano used for his
Hammer & Wire collection, these recordings show the width and breadth, heights and depths of the possibilities of solo piano music.

"I feel this is my best musical work so far. I have opened my veins over the keys in the composing of this music. I hope and pray that it will speak to you where you are, and help you carry on with deep, abiding hope."

Neil Patton

"There are a lot of really good pianists on the contemporary piano scene, but only a few are breath-taking, and Neil Patton is one of those. With impeccable technique, lightning-fast fingers, and amazing control of the piano, Patton also brings that intangible magic and passion to his compositions and playing that set him apart from most. From thundering and energetic to the most delicate and tender moments, Patton knows what he wants to say with his music, and does so with clarity and precision, but also with a ton of heart ... I sometimes refer to Neil Patton as a “local treasure,” and Between Shadow and Light proves it. It is nothing short of a masterpiece, and I can only hope it receives the recognition it deserves ... quite possibly my choice as ALBUM OF THE YEAR."

Kathy Parsons, MainlyPiano.com

"[Neil's] range is expansive and I was greatly impressed with his ability to play with measured restraint in one moment and then pull out all the stops in the next. Yet beyond Neil’s technical expertise is a depth of feeling that reveals a soul who has experienced both the bitter and the sweet fruits from the tree of life and is capable of expressing them with great eloquence in his heartfelt compositions and playing."

Michael Diamond, Music and Media Focus

"The album’s sound quality is simply stunning as every note played and every nuance that Neil included in his playing was captured with perfect resolution which only adds to the overall beauty of this project. It is apparent that Neil spends the time needed to tweak and to mold his music so that it captures his emotional intent for each of the compositions and clearly shares that with his listeners. Between Shadow and Light is an inspiring and uplifting album that truly shows what is possible on a solo piano release if the person behind the keyboards is dedicated and passionate in what he is doing."

Michael Foster, AmbientVisions.com

"I have had just the utmost pleasure to have just spent near on an hour bathed in the brilliance of Neil Patton’s latest album Between Shadow and Light. I come out with such a powerful statement because this is an album that really captured my imagination, with its quite outstanding compositions ... Between Shadow and Light is a top quality album, performed by a man who has poured himself totally into the project."

Steve Sheppard, One World Music Radio, UK

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