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Hammer & Wire (CD)
Released: June, 2012
Produced by Neil Patton

Nominated for
Album of the Year, 2012 on
Whisperings Solo Piano Radio

Nominated for “Contemporary/Modern” Album of the Year, 2012 at

Chosen as a 2012 Favorite by Kathy Parsons at

Listen Below:

1. Country Road, Summer Rain
2. Hammer & Wire
3. Pray, Hope, Wait
4. Home
5. Between
6. Aerial Geometry
7. Normandy
8. Mercy
9. Newport
10. The Divide
11. Unity
12. Into the Arms of God

About the CD:
Hammer & Wire
is a collection of solo piano pieces composed by Neil between 2008 and 2012. Continuing in the vein of his first solo piano collection, Impromptu, these pieces move beyond the easy "New Age" classification usually associated with modern solo piano music. The pieces included here have a more "composed" approach than Impromptu, providing a structure and flow that were refreshing for Neil. As he likes to describe his own music, "these are twelve stories without words that will take the listener on a journey with each new track."

Hammer & Wire was recorded on a gorgeous Yamaha C7 grand piano with a custom hammer action. Recording on this magnificent instrument breathed a whole new life into these twelve pieces. The recordings by Michael Charles McDonald (Syntharts Studio) perfectly captured the grandeur of this instrument and of Neil's performances.

“Hammer & Wire is a fascinating album, a must for all lovers of solo piano. [This] is one of the best albums of solo piano that has come to light this year 2012. I'm sure of it!” - Alejandro Clavijo, Reviews New Age, Spain

Hammer & Wire is an exceptional second release from Neil Patton! Very highly recommended!” - Kathy Parsons, MainlyPiano.com
"Neil Patton's latest CD for solo piano, Hammer & Wire, is impressive. Each of the twelve tracks tells its own story, and Neil has devoted four years in the making of this recommended CD." - Stephen Cairns, Piano Heaven

"Neil Patton demonstrates his strength and flexibility with this beautiful collection of original solo piano music. He delivers to the listener's expectation and then some." - Matthew Mayer, SoloPiano.com

"I just listened to the master of
Hammer & Wire all the way through with headphones. I am altered. Do you have any idea how incredible this CD is?!! Neil it is spectacular. Your best work ever." - Mastering Engineer Michael Charles McDonald

"Listening to the CD these last few days has been a roller coaster. It made me smile, bob my head, cry, relax emotionally....simply amazing..." - John (a fan)

Country Road, Summer Rain' is an exceptional song, worthy of the highest musical acclaim and recognition. My musical senses and emotions are both so whisked away by the song that I'm not ready to move on to the next track on the album. I want to listen to it again (and again), or sit with the beauty for a while before moving on." - Tim (a fan)

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