Hammer & Wire Sheet Music

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Hammer & Wire - Songbook

This book is a collection of complete, accurate arrangements of all twelve pieces from Neil's recording,
Hammer & Wire.

These are note-for-note transcriptions of what Neil performed when recording this collection of solo piano pieces. It's all there, from spontaneous improvisations to carefully crafted compositions.

Currently, we only have physical copies of the book available for purchase.
Contact Neil to order individual PDFs.


- Difficulty rankings for each piece.
- Performance and background notes for each piece.

Included Pieces:
1. Country Road, Summer Rain (sample)
2. Hammer & Wire (sample)
3. Pray, Hope, Wait (sample)
4. Home
5. Between (sample)
6. Aerial Geometry (sample)
7. Normandy
8. Mercy
9. Newport
10. The Divide
11. Unity (sample)
12. Into the Arms of God
"There is certainly great value in teaching the classical literature and I make sure to do that.  But music like yours gets the kids EXCITED about playing...and that's really what it's all about. So, while Mozart and Debussy have their place, it's the new composers like you who are breathing new life and excitement into the study of piano.  And as an educator, I'm very grateful for that!"

-Joyce, a piano teacher, Pennsylvania

"Hammer & Wire sheet music book is the companion book to Neil Patton’s 2012 recording by the same name. One of my favorite albums for that year, I’ve really been looking forward to the sheet music! He ranked all of the pieces by difficulty and the opening pages of the book give comparable pieces for each level. The introductory pages also include four pages of notes about the inspiration for each piece and some tips for playing them - a wonderful bonus that I don’t see too often. It must be the caring teacher in Neil Patton!

Spacing is beautiful and the music is very easy to read. It’s an exciting book, but not one many will be able to just pick up and play from cover to cover. Pianists at an early-advanced to advanced playing level will find much to love and enjoy in Hammer & Wire. Recommended!!!"

Kathy Parsons - MainlyPiano.com